Will Writing

The absence of a Will can cause problems, heartbreak, financial hardship and unnecessary expense for your family at the very worst possible time.

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Will Writing

Dying without a Will can make what is already a difficult time a lot harder for your family. Without a Will, you have no choice in how your estate is passed on. A properly written will can ensure that the people you cherish can benefit from your estate and can minimise the amount of inheritance tax paid.

​Do you really need a Will?

In short, yes. Dying without a Will (or ‘intestate’) means your possessions will be distributed according to the law of intestacy. Some things you may not know about the intestacy laws:

  • Husbands and wives are NOT automatically entitled to inherit everything from each other
  • If you are not married or in a civil partnership you partner will not inherit from you
  • Your children may be able to enforce the sale of the family home, even if your spouse is living there
  • Social services will choose who will look after your children, including allocating them to foster parents
  • You will pay the maximum amount of inheritance tax due

What can be written in a Will?

  • You can nominate Guardians to look after any children under 18 years of age
  • Appoint Executors to carry out your final wishes
  • Name who you like to benefit such as charities or family from your Will 
  • Leave gifts to individuals or charities
  • Create Trusts to care for your estate whilst children grow up

Do you already have a Will?

Wills should be reviewed regularly. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • ​Is it up to date and relevant?
  • Does it still say what you want it to say?
  • Does it protect your home from care costs?
  • Does it minimise your liability to inheritance tax?
  • Does it protect your children if your partner remarries?

​If it doesn’t, contact us today.

​How much do your Wills Cost?

A single Will starts from £150. A set of mirrored Wills start from £250.

​We also offer a Will storage service.

    How we can help

    FJP Probate is a Member of the Institute of Professional Willwriters.

    By choosing FJP Probate to write your Will, you will ensure that you will be receiving a comprehensive, professional service of the highest standard.

    As members, our Willwriters:

    • Have passed a written examination
    • Operate within a Strict Code of Practice
    • Have Professional Indemnity Insurance
    • Undertake regular refresher training

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